B&O Chillicothe Subdivision

Layout Description

Paul's layout represents the B&O across southern Ohio in 1958, from Cincinnati to Chillicothe. It provides a long mainline run, taking advantage of an innovative multiple level design in a mid-size basement.

The linear design came from B&O track charts and has 20 scale miles of mainline. It runs freight and passenger trains, scheduled and extra freights, second sections, local switching turns. There is a large yard in Cincinnati in Cincinnati, 18 tracks and 20' long.

Prototype train movements are based on the 1958 timetable.
Scheduled trains may run up to 12 hours late.
Locals serve very large industrial areas.

The layout is mentioned in the MR book “Designing & Building Multi-Deck Model Railroads”.

Paul is just beginning winter scenery. Scenery is 10% complete, though all structures have place holders.


Layout Details

Layout Owner

Paul Miklos


Loveland, OH



Layout Size

22 ft x 42 ft

Mainline Size

600 ft



Crew Complement

12 - 14


Track: 100%
Scenery: 10%
Electrical: 100%

Control System


Communications System

Agents at local stations communicate to dispatcher by radio. Communication to trains is by train order and written message

Dispatching Method

Timetable and Train Order

Fast Clock


Health and Safety


Yes - Cat