Rail Xpress (RxRR)

Layout Description

Rail Xpress Railroad (RxRR) is a terminal switching railroad with a CTC controlled double track beltline configuration surrounding a metropolitan area of Gotham. RxRR interchanges with several class I railroads with major interchange yard at Logan. RxRR layout is a switching layout with industrial and interchange car spots to be over 610 serving over 140 customers in 22 switching districts. On RxRR yard transfer rail traffic originates and terminates at Logan interchange yard and or Gotham Yard with intermediate stops at Havana and Sexton Yards, in addition to work at Ada, Lake, Doyle, Lee, Oneida, Dundee, Randall, Urbana, and Liberty Interchanges. There is a major classification yard at Gotham and two minor yards at Sexton and Havana.

A typical crew would be CTC Dispatcher, Gotham Yard Master, Havana/Sexton Yard Master, and eight 1 or 2 person road crews operating locals and yard transfers. A typical session will have 12 yard transfers trains, 20 local switching jobs, and 4 unit trains (coal, aggregate, grain and petroleum products) plus a lonely Doodlebug passenger train. There are 12 locals out of Gotham, and 5 out of Sexton and 3 out of Havana. Crews utilize telephone intercom system to communicate with Dispatcher and Gotham Yard Master.

Yard transfers originating in Logan or Gotham have two fold purpose. First, they provide cars to fulfill “car requests" at each of the yards from local freight agent. The cars are placed on destination tracks for local trains. Second, yard transfers pick up outbound cars that were set out by local train crew after completing their assignment and take them to Logan interchange yard. Thus, yard transfers provides the mechanism for taking care of in and out bound traffic. The local turns pickup and setout cars at the various industries. RxRR is home of the car forwarding system “Car Orders” which utilize car type and not car reporting marks.

RxRR occupies an “F” shaped 2700 sq ft room. Track configurations is a figure 8 folded onto itself. The 830+ ft. double track mainline is CTC dispatcher controlled, utilizing a 3 serial node c/mri detection and signaling system. The 75 feet of branch line is dark territory. Dispatcher panel is 45 inch 4k TV.



   RXRR 3.4 OP SESSION 4.5.2023.pdf

   Rail Xpress Railroad Presentation.pdf

Layout Details

Layout Owner

Dan Hinel, MMR®


Westfield, IN



Layout Size

67 ft x 40 ft

Mainline Size

830 ft



Crew Complement

1 - 16


Track: 100%
Scenery: 98%
Electrical: 98%

Control System

NCE - Radio

Communications System

Intercom system

Dispatching Method


Car Forwarding

Car Orders

Health and Safety