Burlington Southern

Layout Description

The BS line runs from Dunsmuir California to Portland Oregon and to Spokane Washington. It is co-owned by the BN and the SP. All mainline turnouts are Dispatcher controlled with the ability of local control for switching. The layout is four levels ranging from 36” to 70” high without the use of a helix . There are a limited number of “sit down” jobs. The layout uses 2” pink foam for primary construction, showcasing the different techniques required for this type of construction.
A normal operating session runs approximately 46 trains on the timetable with a few extra trains thrown in. There are two major yards and three staging yards. The staging yards hold about 20 trains. Normal train length is limited to 20 cars.



Layout Details

Layout Owner

John Hanske


Syracuse, IN



Layout Size

62 ft x 35 ft

Mainline Size

550 ft



Crew Complement

18 - 26


Track: 100%
Scenery: 70%
Electrical: 100%

Control System

NCE - Radio

Wi-Fi Throttles


Communications System

Wayside phones

Dispatching Method

We use a timetable with Dispatcher controlled signals

Car Forwarding

Car Cards/Waybills

Health and Safety


Yes - Cat. Not in area during operations.